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Classes are funded jointly by the Ministry of Education and by parents’ contributions. The tuition fee for each class is $140 per school year (February - December). Most instruments require a book or books to be purchased. Books range from $15 to $35. Ask us if you would like an idea of the cost for a particular instrument’s tuition book.

Please note: Theory Classes will be $70 per school year if taken in conjunction with an Instrumental class.

Orchestra and Band fees are free of charge for students enrolled in any one or more of these classes, provided they have already enrolled in an instrument tuition class. All advanced students are expected to participate in at least one of these groups.

Read our Instrument Tuition Information.

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A limited number of Flutes, Clarinets, Trumpets, Violins and Trombones are available for hire to students at $100 per school year. Cello hire is $130 per school year. Saxophone and French Horn  hire is $180 per school year. Guitars are $40 per school year.

Instruments must be returned at the end of the school year, usually on the last day of teaching. We do prioritise hiring to first-year students where necessary. You are responsible for the care of the instrument and will be charged for any loss or damages. Late return of instrument will cost $40.

Chanters are available for purchase or hire through the Papakura Pipe Band. Guitar, drum, keyboard, ukulele and recorder students need to purchase or obtain their own instruments.

Students who use a music stand are required to bring their own. A limited supply of quality music stands are available to be purchased from the Music School.

Fees & Hire: About
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